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"Never miss or miscode, any diagnosis."


VMC understands the importance of coding hierarchy that impacts your reimbursement. With our quality MDS and OASIS chart review, we are able to identify significant points and areas in your system where we can help improve your documentation and revenue.


Our unique CDI process has consistently helped our current clients enhance collaboration with Physicians and multi-discipline team, for a timely MDS and OASIS completion, thus help improve patient care.   

We can visit your facility and train your staff on how to be compliant with documentation, coding, and more.  With VMC's resident  AHIMA-Approved ICD / CDI trainer, and other highly seasoned AHIMA credentialed coders on board, we will show you how your organization can optimize your processes and ensure that maximum reimbursement is achieved.

Nurse Talking to Patient

Organizations That Benefit With Our Services

  • SNF

  • Hospice

  • Home Health Agencies

  • Physician Medical Groups

  • Health Plan Companies

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