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HCC Risk Adjust Coding 

With our help, you can improve the accuracy and speed of your coding activities, which can help you get the maximum reimbursement from Medicare.

VMC can work with health plan providers to complete all of their coding activities, including chart reviews and retrospective risk adjustments.

Through our comprehensive analysis and coding services, we ensure that all types of patient charts contain complete abstraction of HCC codes. This saves you time and helps maximize your reimbursements.

Our Services

1. Diagnosis Validation
2. HCC coding, review and audit practice
3. Health information management including leveraging on past processed data
4. Provider training and education
5. Staff clinical documentation training
6. Data gathering, warehousing and reporting
7. Liaison between provider and organizational leadership for a productive physician

Why the need for Outpatient CDI (OCDI)
1. Focused attention to current and relevant clinical data for real-time patient care
2. Increased physician engagement
3. Increased RAF score for the organization
4. Higher Medicare star rating
5. Higher reimbursement
6. Healthier patient population
Why VMC Outpatient CDI service?
1. Our CDI specialists are credentialed health information management professionals by
American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
2. VMC is expert on Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding, review and audit
operations, for a more efficient Risk Adjust Payment Model (reimbursement)
3. We have 15 years combined of solid Ambulatory CDI practice from reputable healthcare
organizations in the nation
4. One of our major core strengths is training and education, which is a huge part of OCDI
5. We partner with AHIMA in training our CDI specialists, by employing a standard CDI
training course conducted by an AHIMA -Approved CDI Trainer

Who we help?
1. Physician Medical Groups
2. Managed Care Organizations (Medicare Advantage Servicing Group).
3. Independent Physician Associations (IPA)
4. Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)
5. Future Coding and CDI specialists
How OCDI will help your organization?
1. Enhances patient care management by leveraging on processed data through efficient
review and analysis of past and most recent clinical notes.
2. Ensures capture of HCC diagnosis for optimum RAF score
3. Eliminates unnecessary retrospective HCC coding cost
4. Empowers providers by providing effective clinical documentation and coding tools for a
much easier note taking workflow.
5. Encourages patients to be more proactive in managing their health.


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