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Course Includes:

Adult Students

CCS Exam Prep Course (CEPC) – 24 weeks
o ICD 10 General coding guidelines and conventions
o ICD-10- CM (Diagnosis Coding)
o ICD-10 – PCS (Inpatient Procedure Coding)
o CPT – Current Procedural Terminology Coding
o Principles of reimbursements (PPS)
o General Review
o Learning Assessment Tests
o Comprehensive Exam Readiness Test (CERT)

CEPC is a six-month medical coding training course that trains future coders in identifying, analyzing and coding different medical conditions, diagnoses and procedures.  The course includes integrated study of basic human anatomy, disease process, medications, treatment and therapies, medical terminologies,  ICD 10 CM/PCS, CPT, and HCPCS coding systems.  This teaches future coders health information management best practice with strict adherence to HIM standards in terms of:  patient privacy, data analysis and management, health record stewardship, clinical documentation review and quality improvement and basic principles of healthcare billing/claims and reimbursement.  CEPC provides individuals relevant, timely, and practical medical coding knowledge for HIM- related tasks.  More importantly, individuals that take this course will be well equipped and will be ready to take the CCS certification exam.

ICD-10 Medical Coding 

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